May 2, 2016

    Customisation of TM1 instance list by user

    With Pulse v5.3, you can now customize the list of TM1 instances by user. When you are not logged into Pulse you see the default Public user list which is all TM1 instances on the server:

    You can customize this list for your profile. First you need to log in:

    Then you need to go to User Profile:

    At the top, you can see the user profile information:

    At the bottom, you can see all TM1 instances, the blue ones are the ones Pulse is going to display. The grey ones are hidden.

    You can move instances by clicking on the arrows. For example if I want to move Adventureworks up click on the up arrow:

    If you want to display a TM1 instance, just click on the eye icon:

    It will turn the TM1 instance blue:

    Click on the save button:

    Refresh the Pulse page and you’ll see the new TM1 instance list:

    This applies to the web client and to the Thick Windows client.

    If you open the Windows client, by default you will see the list of the default public user which is the list of all TM1 instances:

    Now if you login as a user, go to Tools, user login:

    Input User Name and Password:

    Now you can see the same list as the web version:

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