Nov 3, 2017

Create TM1 objects for TM1py samples

All the TM1py scripts in the Load Data folder requires some TM1 objects. These scripts load data from different datasources into TM1 cubes. If you want to test these scripts without changing the target cubes, you will need to create these TM1 objects.
To create these objects, you can run the script sample which is in the Load Data folder:

1. Update TM1 instance settings

Before running the script you open the sample script and update the TM1 instance connection settings:

2. Run the script

To run the script, just type the following command line:

  • python “sample”

If the command line shows errors it could be either because you are not running the script in the right folder or tm1py can’t connect to the TM1 instance. Check if the connection with TM1 works.

3. Check the new TM1 objects

if the script ran successfully, you will then be able to see the following three cubes in your TM1 instance:

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