Apr 3, 2017

Create a new Canvas application

A Canvas application is defined in the C:CWASwebapps folder. By default there are two applications called ROOT and samples:

A Canvas application folder is structured as below:

The main folders that you need to be aware off:

  • WEB-INF: it’s the configuration folder
    • instances.json : TM1 instance settings
  •  html: where you’ll find all your html pages
  • images: to store images that you’re going to use in your application
  • js: to store the controllers
  • menu:
    • menu.json: left pane menu structure configuration
    • states.json: states for all canvas pages

The URL to test your application is http://<servername>:<port number>/<folder name>/

To access the default application ROOT, you do not need to put the folder name in the URL: http://localhost:8080/

Create a new application

You can add as many application folder as you want, just copy the canvas folder and change the name. If you name the new folder canvas the new URL will be:

  • http://localhost:8080/canvas/

After adding a new Canvas application folder, you have to restart the Cubewise Application Server.

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