Sep 5, 2022

Converting Perspectives Action Buttons into Slice Buttons

Actions buttons created with TM1 Perspectives will need to be converted before they can be used in Slice.

To convert all buttons from all spreadsheets, you can use the Convert Buttons button available in the Slice ribbons:

A pop-up window will open as below:

You can either convert the buttons from the Active Workbook or select a folder and convert all buttons from all workbooks.


⚠️ For the conversion to work, it is important that Perspectives needs to be installed.

In order to convert Perspectives buttons to PAfE buttons, Perspectives needs to be installed and configured on the client machine. However, it needs to be disabled. Slice is unable to parse Action Buttons without Perspectives libraries.

Before clicking on the Convert button, you should go to the Excel Options > Trust Center > Macro Settings then check if Enable VBA macros and Trust access to VBA projects are ticked as below:

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