Jan 5, 2021

Considerations when monitoring a TM1 with custom SSL key store

If you enable SSL to your TM1 server and you configure the latter using a custom key store, you might get the following error when executing a migration for chores and processes:

“Hot Promote SystemServerNotFound error“

If your Pulse version is 5.8.1 or earlier, you should upgrade to the latest Pulse version.

If your Pulse version is 5.8.2 or later, then Pulse will automatically find the custom certificates.

Deleting temporary instances

If a migration fails due to SSL connection with the temporary instance. Pulse won’t be able to stop and delete the instance after migration. It is recommended to kill these instances manually.

Before killing a tm1s.exe, you should check the Process ID in Pulse to make sure you are not going stop one of your TM1 instances:

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