Sep 4, 2023

Connecting Arc to IBM Planning Analytics on AWS (TM1 v12)

This article explains how to connect Arc to TM1 v12 hosted on IBM Cloud (AWS).

Arc v4.2.0 introduces support for TM1 v12.

Currently the only way to use Arc with TM1 v12 is to use an API key. Once you have this key, just click on the instance name in Arc and you should see the following pop-up:

Just enter your api key, you can tick the Save button so Arc will store this key for you.

How to set up the connection

Each TM1 v12 instance needs to be setup as a new connection in Arc. To do that inside the Arc settings file (settings.yml) file, your connection should look like this:


  • url:
    name: v12-Cubewise1

Cubewise1 is the instance name you see in Workspace.

The instance name in the url setting is case sensitive, it needs to match the instance name you see in Workspace:

In Arc you can use the same instance name as in Workbench or you can set a different one. In this example, the instance name in Arc will be called v12-Cubewise1 whereas in Workspace the instance is called Cubewise1:

Once your settings.yml file is updated, just refresh your web browser.

That should be it!

How to generate your IBM api key

To generate your api key, connect to with your account. Then go to Manage and click on Access (IAM):

Go to API keys and click the Create button:

That’s it!

Once you have your key, go back to Arc and click on your instance name as you can see in the first image.

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