Feb 4, 2021

    Configuring the Pulse Excel Logger

    To set up Excel logging to Pulse you need to open the cwxtndxl.ini which is in the following folder:

    • AppDataRoamingCWPulseLogger.

    Please find below the list of parameters:

    • PULSE_SERVER: URL to the Pulse server (use the server name and not the fully qualified name).

    • UPDATE_STAMP: For mass updating user settings of the Extend/Excel Logger. More information on the Setting Up Excel Logging to Pulse with Extend article.

    • ENABLE_SIMPLE_TM1_SHEET_CHECK: This is to enable/disable the check for a certain named range in determining whether an Excel sheet is a TM1 workbook. It simply checks for the Named Range: TM1REBUILDOPTION, if it is available on a worksheet.

    • RECALCULATE_FIRST_SHEET: To trigger a sheet recalculation on the first worksheet. Some prefer to put settings on the first worksheet to determine the correct Admin Host / Environment, hence this setting.

      This also enables the Excel Logger to correctly grab the correct username in the worksheet, especially those workbooks whose Excel environment is set to Manual calculation.

    • DETECT_SHEET_RANGE_ROW / DETECT_SHEET_RANGE_COLUMN: The area of rows/columns used in checking the type of worksheet is.

    The diagnostics section is optional, and you can remove that from the INI file. The ENABLE_DEBUG is the parameter we would usually be asking to be set to true to enable extra logging of information for investigating/troubleshooting issues.

    More information about how to set up the Excel logger can be found here:

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