Mar 4, 2019

Configuring Pulse with CAM Security and SSO

This article describes the steps to configure Pulse v5 to connect to an IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instance using CAM authentication and SSO (Single Sign-on).

In Pulse v6, the process to keep alive is not required anymore.

Step 1: Finding the CAM Passport

To connect to the TM1 instance, Pulse will require the CAM Passport. If you don’t know how do to grab it, the following article explains how to find it from TM1 Web:

Step 2: Updating Pulse settings

Copy the CAM Passeport, go to the Pulse instance settings and update the following settings:

  • CAM Passeport: the one you just copied

  • Process to Keep Alive CAM Passeport: You will need to create a blank process which does nothing, Pulse will execute it every 5 min to keep the CAM Passeport alive. In this example the new TM1 process is called zPulseToKeepAliveCAMPasseport.

  • User Name: The user that you used to login to TM1 Web

Note: CAM Namespace is case sensitive, the username that you put in Pulse settings as to have the same case as the one you see in Architect:

That’s it, you can now update the documentation

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