Dec 5, 2015

    Configuring Pulse to Exclude or Include Instance Security

    This article outlines the two security modes that can be used to either exclude or include access to TM1 instances within Pulse.

    The reader of this article should be familiar with the Pulse security and should have read the Pulse Securityand security related articles.

    Configuring Instance Exclusion Security

    As default, Pulse will “Exclude” the selected instances set in the Group Security for a given group. This means that initially all groups will have access to all the instances.

    Image 01. Pulse working in Exclusion Mode (as the default), the group will have access to all the instances excepting cxmd or cxmd_sit, also note that the page states “Exclude access to these instances”

    Working in Inclusion Mode

    If required, Pulse is able to override the Instance security into an “inclusive” behavior which means the attached instances to a group will be included instead of excluded. Using this mode all the users will not have access to any instance and permission will need to be granted explicitly. 

    Follow these steps to set Pulse in Instance Inclusion Mode

    1. Open the <Pulse Installation Path>Pulse.cfg file

    2. Find the “Security” parameter block

    3. set the UseInclusionForInstanceSecurity to true.

    4. Restart the Pulse for TM1 Application Server service.

      Image 02. Pulse working in Inclusion Mode, note that the cxmd_group will have access to cxmd and cxmd_sit only. Also note that the page states “Include access to these instances”

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