Dec 5, 2015

    Configuring Change Tracking and Source Control

    Change tracking and source control are two important complementary features of Pulse that allow you to understand and manage your TM1 server.

    Change tracking enables Pulse to log each time a TM1 object is added, changed or deleted. By TM1 objects we mean cubes, dimensions, processes, chores and applications. Pulse does not track data changes with cubes, you should use the built in transaction log viewer in Architect/Perspectives. Each time an object is changed Pulse identifies the following:

    • The time of the change.
    • Who made the change.
    • What object was changed.

    Source control in Pulse is used to store each change so it can be retrieved at any point in time reviewed. Pulse uses the Git source control system to manage this process. Changes are stored forever in source control system so you can always retrieve old versions of you TM1 objects.

    It is highly recommended that you enable both of these features, if you do not have these enabled you are not getting full value out of Pulse.

    1. Log into Pulse with the admin account.
    2. Go to Administration > Instance Settings.
    3. Select the instance you want to update (you should enable for ALL instances).
    4. Set the following in the Documentation / Change Tracking Settings section:
      1. Export CAM Namespace: This is only required if you using CAM security for your TM1.
      2. Export User Name: The user name Pulse will use to connect to TM1, this must be an account with admin privileges. 
      3. Export Password: The password for above user name.
      4. Tick Source Control Enabled.
      5. Set Change Frequency to 30 seconds. 
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat for each instance of TM1.

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