Dec 4, 2019

Canvas and Apliqo UX join forces

Canvas for TM1 introduced a new way to build curated web applications for your IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 users, Apliqo UX made it quicker and easier.

These two products have now been combined into a single product, so you receive the best of both worlds.

Build it Yourself with Apliqo UX

Apliqo UX enables you to produce professional enterprise grade web applications with no requirement for any technical web development skills. Your report builders don’t need to be IT, web developers, or BI specialists. In fact, they’re more likely to be Planning Analytics power users and business subject matter experts.    

Templates with corporate colour palette, fonts and logos ensure all content has uniform look, feel and functionality. Should any standards change in future there’s no need to worry, one central change will update all screens in the application with no need for individual maintenance of each screen.

With Apliqo UX’s template-based approach report builders can focus on content and business workflow. Consistent layout and positioning of widgets, buttons and filters is taken care of. This is not something report builders should have to worry about or waste time on, and with Apliqo UX they don’t have to.

Code it Yourself with Canvas

The Canvas framework allows TM1 and Web developers to build completely tailor-made web applications well beyond the limitations of TM1 Web and Planning Analytics Workspace.

All Canvas applications are authored in HTML and JavaScript. It comes with a complete set of HTML planning and reporting samples which will help developers to quickly build out new web applications.

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