May 5, 2021

Backing up the TM1 data folder with Pulse

When executing a migration package, there is an option to Backup Data Directory.

When ticked Pulse will first run a Save Data All then create a zip file of the whole data directory. This provides backup in case the migration fails.

The default backup directory folder is <Pulse installation directory>Pulse for TM1backup

Backup Directory with Pulse 5.x

With Pulse 5.x, you can change the backup directory folder from the Administration > Configuration page:

Backup Directory with Pulse 6.x

With Pulse 6.x, to update the backup directory folder you will need to open the monitor.yml file on each server where the Pulse monitor has been installed. The setting is called backupdirectory.

More information on the Pulse monitor settings can be found in this article:

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