Sep 5, 2020

Arc v2.1 is now available

Thanks to the feedback from TM1 developers from all around the world, Arc is becoming more and more robust (900+ tickets closed). This new release includes 63 enhancements and fixes, here some highlights…

Analytics features will now be free

Analytics features will now be free to use such as the cube viewer, subset editor and execute a process or chore. All developer’s features such as process, rule and security editors will require a subscription that can be bought here. The following pop-up will appear if you do not have access to a feature:

Layout Restore Mode

It is now possible to save the layout of your tabs. A new parameter, Layout Restore Mode has been added to the About page to switch between the different modes:

  • Locked Only (default value): A tab will be locked only if the lock icon is active.
  • All: All open tabs will be restored.
  • None: No tabs will be restored.


Support for sandboxes: you can create, merge and reset sandboxes from the cube viewer:

MDX parser

A MDX parser in the cube viewer has been added, To edit the MDX, just click the MDX button, make your changes and finally click the Save button.

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Arc 2.1 Release Notes (

Try it now!

Arc is free to download and includes a three month “no strings attached” trial license.

Simply download Arc, double-click on the .exe file… and enjoy the thrill of supercharged TM1 development!

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