Sep 3, 2019

Arc v1.7 is now available

Arc, the professional development tool for IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 has just got even better! Arc v1.7 includes 13 new features, 14 enhancements and 16 fixes.

Cube Viewer, Dimension Editor and Subset Editor have been rebuilt

Arc Cube Viewer, Dimension Editor and Subset Editor are using a new grid component which brings a lot of new capabilities such as:

  • Excel like editing features

  • Copy/paste from Excel

  • Sorting of rows by one or more columns

  • Select multiple elements with Ctrl or a range with Shift

  • Drag and drop of elements and lots more.

Area and formula pickers have been added

The Rule Editor has a new area picker and a new formula picker to help with element selection when writing DB formulas. The Process Editor has a new formula picker that allow you to create any CellXXX formulas easily.

MDX and REST API plugins keep your history

The MDX and REST API plugins store all your previous queries in your browser. You can even pin at the top your favourites:

And more…

  • Built for Bedrock 4! Control processes are now displayed as ExecuteProcess in the process editor auto-complete (Ctrl+Space).

  • Fine-grained control of control objects, show just ElementAttribute cubes or Picklist cubes, etc.

  • Snippets are much easier to use, go to the /snippets folder after you install Arc to see some examples.

  • You can save a TI as a template to use as a starting point for new TI processes.

  • A new debugger tab showing all your breakpoints, you can then easily switch them on/off. Arc will stop in child processes as well if a breakpoint is present.

A complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancement can be found in the Arc 1.7 Release Notes:

Try it now!

Arc is free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

Simply download Arc, double-click on the .exe file… and enjoy the thrill of supercharged TM1 development!

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