Jul 3, 2019

Arc v1.5 is now available

Arc for TM1, the professional development tool for IBM Planning Analytics and TM1, has just got even better! We’ve been busy adding a host of innovative new features in Arc 1.5 to improve the productivity, efficiency and code quality of professional PA and TM1 developers.

What is new in v1.5

Welcome to Arc Console – the command prompt for TM1 server!

How many times have you wanted to execute just one or two TI commands… without going through all the steps of creating a TI process?

Arc 1.5 now includes a TI Console that enables you to do exactly that, cutting out many non-productive steps and effectively giving you a “command prompt” for TM1 Server.

The new TI Console does much more:

  • Logs all TI execution history for fast and easy pinpointing of errors and bottlenecks

  • Displays the execution time and results from TM1 Server

  • Simplifies the error messages from TM1 Server

  • Enables rapid editing and code correction using Arc’s intelligent Auto-Complete and Snippets features

Modify all TM1 Server configuration parameters

With Arc’s new Configuration tab, you can now see and update all TM1 server parameters. For each parameter, Arc displays the parameter description and a blue Advice icon to provide even more detailed usage and configuration advice:

Dimension re-ordering

Re-ordering cube dimensions can help improve query performance and lower memory consumption of your cubes. With just a few clicks in Arc 1.5 you will be able to see the impact of changing the dimensions order:

“Favourites” for quick access to your highest priority model objects

Design meetings? Sprint reviews? A TM1/PA developer juggles many priorities on a daily, even hourly, basis.

Arc 1.5 can now help you keep track of what you are currently working on.

Adding your current development priorities to the Favourites tab helps you stay focused and quickly resume your workflow after an interruption:

Visualize your model with summary views

Arc includes summary views that organize your model’s dimensions, cubes, processes and chores.

In Arc 1.5, these object views have been improved with colors and filtering options, enabling you to visually identify and navigate the related objects in your model:

and much more…

For our existing Arc 1.x users, we’ve included many other fixes and enhancements in our latest release. A complete list can be found in the Arc 1.5 Release Notes (v1.5.0.md).

Try it now!

Cubewise Arc 1.5. is free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

Simply download Arc 1.5, double-click on the .exe file… and enjoy the thrill of supercharged TM1 development!

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