Sep 4, 2018

Arc v1.1 is now available to download

After months of development and feedback from customers and consultants all around the world…. Arc v1.1 is now available to download!

The full list of enhancements and fixes can be found in the v1.1.0 release notes on GitHub.

What is new in v1.1:

Manage TM1 security has never been easier

A brand new interface to manage security has been added. It will be now easier and faster to:

  • Search for a specific user or group.

  • Create new user or group.

  • Clone a security group to create a new group with the same security.

Major overhaul of the dimension / hierarchy editor

The Hierarchy editor has been significantly improved:

  • Changes to the hierarchy are now immediate.

  • Delete/Copy/Paste multiple leaf elements at the same time.

  • Copy a list of elements from Excel, Paste into the new element input box and then click Add!

Find/Replace accross all TI code tabs.

Searching or replacing a string in your code happens now accross all tabs (Prolog, Metadata, Data and Epilog). Click on any search result and Arc will bring you to the exact code line:

Execute MDX queries and set expressions

Running and testing MDX queries is fundamental for TM1 developers, especially in a multiple hierarchy world. Arc v1.1 includes a dedicated plugin to run MDX queries on cubes and dimensions:

Run REST API queries

For those working on TM1 REST API applications or building new Arc plugins, running and testing TM1 REST API queries is important, that is why a new plugin dedicated to the TM1 REST API has been added:

Other enhancements:

  • Add a + button to create new object in (Dimensions, Cubes, Processes, Chores). #192

  • Subset Editor window size depends now on the screen size. #181

  • In Prolog tab, the search capability has been added to data source drop downs. #165

  • Add Keyboard Shortcut to run a TI. #145

  • Add support for Dynamic SQL Queries during Preview. #128

  • Overwrite a cube if already existing. #123

  • Hierarchy editor, expand button only expand first children. #105

  • Add refresh available dimensions button to create cube dialog. #5

Follow us on GitHub

We want to involve the TM1 comunity as much as possible in Arc developments so we decided to show publicly all our tickets on GitHub. On the arc-issue repository, you can see all the opened tickets and what’s coming in the future. If you have any requests, feel free to create an issue on the arc-issue repository.

Try it now!

Arc comes with a three-month trial period and there is no installation required. Just download Arc and double click on arc.exe file, you will be coding in no-time:

Happy coding!

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