Oct 4, 2019

Arc for TM1 Hands-on – Part 1

The objective of this user manual is to walk you through the main features of Arc. This manual is split in 11 topics:

  1. Arc overview

  2. Working with Hierarchies

  3. Debugging a process

  4. Find your objects faster

  5. Get a better insight into your server

  6. Leverage Arc tools to speed up your developments

  7. How to use the TM1 REST API

  8. More exercises

  9. More tips

Just click on the Download button below to get the PDF version:

By going through this manual, in addition to learning how to use the new IBM Planning Analytics features such as Hierarchies and Debugging, you will learn the basics of Web development by building your first plugins.

In the manual, you will find a link to download a TM1 instance used during the training. You can either set up this instance or try the exercices on your instances.


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