Nov 4, 2018

Cubewise Arc: approved by TM1 developers around the world!

The TM1 Story

IBM Planning Analytics, powered by the TM1 engine, is famous for its speed, scalability and world-class modeling capabilities. Over many years, the TM1 engine has been dramatically improved; with the advent of Arc, TM1 now boasts a modern developer experience befitting its status.

The latest TM1 chapter: Cubewise Arc

Aware of a growing market demand for a modern TM1 developer tool, Cubewise gathered input from its global team of TM1 consultants on what the “ultimate” TM1 developer tool would look like. The result is Cubewise Arc, developed by and for professional TM1 developers.

Arc is now in use in 26 countries

The response to Arc from the global TM1 community has been nothing less than amazing! Only a few months after its official release, the Arc 1.1 trial has been downloaded in 26 countries, often followed by enthusiastic feedback from developers who have discovered its many benefits.

Over 40 TM1 developers have contributed…

… to the Arc project on GitHub.

One of the things that makes Arc special is that it is built by TM1 developers who have invited the entire TM1 community “behind the curtain” of product development.

Cubewise has made our support tickets public on GitHub, and anyone can go to the Cubewise CODE/arc-issues repository and post a bug, ask a question or request a new enhancement.

Among the 100+ TM1 developers already using Arc, 40+ have already contributed, resulting in over 240+ closed tickets:

Try Arc today!

If you are a professional TM1 developer who wants to build applications faster, easier and with higher quality, an Arc download is just a click away at arc-download.

Arc does not require elevated desktop privileges – simply run the arc.exe file and you will be up and running in no-time.

Cubewise looks forward to you joining the growing community of enthusiastic Arc users, and we are eager to hear your feedback!

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