Aug 1, 2022

Arc and Slice v3.4 is now available

A new version of Arc and Slice is now available to download. v3.4 includes many new exciting features.

Easily apply standard practices with the code formater

Just click one button and Arc will format your code in the process and rule editors. This feature is highly configurable depending on your standard practices:

Expand Above in subsets and cube views

Arc & Slice – Subset Editor & Cube Viewer – support for “Expand Above” feature.

Quickly see and clean your applications

When clicking on Applications, you will now see the list of all your applications. You can filter them by type (Views, Excel, Subsets…). If some applications are invalid, you can click the warning button in the toolbar and the list will show only the invalid references.

Easier to troubleshoot your MDX

The MDX Studio has been enhanced with two new features:

  • It will auto-detect if an expression is a subset or a cube.

  • You can now execute only highlighted MDX making it easier to troubleshoot MDX expressions.

Export MDX Forms from a cube view

From the cube viewer, you can now export into an MDX Forms. MDX Forms was introduced in v3.3.0. It is a new way to build highly flexible Excel reports driven by one MDX expression:

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Arc & Slice v3.4 Release Notes (

Try Arc & Slice now!

Arc & Slice are free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

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