Jun 3, 2022

Arc and Slice v3.3 are now available

A new version of Arc and Slice is now available to download. v3.3 includes a new way to build reports in Slice and view styles in Arc.

MDX Forms

Slice v3.3 introduces a new way to build reports, it is called MDX Form. This report is driven by one MDX query bringing the following advantages:

  • Easier to maintain because everything is driven by one MDX query

  • Expand and collapse on rows and columns

  • Create on the fly calculation by using calculated members in MDX

More information here.

View Styles

Arc/Slice – View Styles – apply formatting to Cube Viewer, Snapshot, Slice & Active Form reports. Create & Edit your own styles with the View Style Editor plugin (More information here).

Toggle Icon Visibility

Arc – Cube Viewer – ability to toggle toolbar icon visibility

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Arc & Slice v3.3 Release Notes (v3.3.0.md).

Try Arc & Slice now!

Arc & Slice are free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

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