Oct 3, 2023

    Add custom links in the Pulse Web Client

    Pulse v6.3.0 is adding support for custom links into the Pulse left side menu.

    This new feature allows you to add custom links to the Pulse navigation menu on the left:

    To add custom links, you have to create a new file called externals.json inside the Pulse conf folder as below:

    The externals.json file is a json file and it needs to follow the structure as below:

    “displayName”: “External Links”,
    “faIcon”: “fa-folder-open-o”,
    “displayName”: “Pulse Downloads”,
    “url”: “https://forum.cubewise.com/c/pulse/pulse-clients/15?order=activity”,
    “faIcon”: “fa-download”
    “displayName”: “Cubewise Forum”,
    “url”: “https://forum.cubewise.com”,
    “faIcon”: “fa-microchip”

    Click the following button to download an example of the externals.json file:

    Once the externals.json file has been added to the conf folder you just need to refresh your browser and you should see the new links between Help and About:

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