How to start Arc

Where to install Arc?

Arc should be installed on the same server that TM1 is running, this allows Arc to access both the ODBC data sources and text files on the TM1 server. If you install Arc on a desktop or separate server Arc will function as normal with the exception of the ODBC and Text preview in Turbo Integrator processes.

How to run Arc?

Arc is a single executable, after downloading the file, you just need to double click on arc.exe:

A window will pop-up saying an error because Arc can't find the configuration file:

The first time Arc runs it will create a file called settings.yaml with the default settings:

How to access Arc?

To access Arc, if you are logging on the same server where Arc is running you can access Arc using:

  • http://localhost:7070/

You should be able to see on the left all TM1 instances running on the server where Arc is running:

By default Arc will connect to the local admin host, if you have installed Arc on a separate computer to the TM1 server you will need to edit settings.yaml and change the admin host URL. 5898 is the default port for the TM1 admin host REST API.

If you are having problems accessing the admin host check the Windows firewall and see that you can access the admin host by using your web browser and the following URL: https://servername:5898/api/v1/Servers (replace servername with your TM1 server)

NOTE: After changing the settings restart Arc by closing the command line window and then double-clicking on Arc again.