Easier to manage TM1 users and instances

Arc helps TM1 administrators to monitor and configure IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 instances. All administration tasks are gathered in modules.manage-tm1

All security operations into one screen

Search for a specific user or group.

Create a new user or group by cloning an existing user or group security.

Audit users and groups

Impersonate a user.

Update TM1 settings on the fly

See and update all TM1 server parameters.

For each parameter, Arc displays the parameter description and a blue Advice icon to provide even more detailed usage and configuration advice.

Facilitate access to the TM1 server logs

Filter the list of messages by type.

Get all error logs by processes.

Access content of the logs.

Keep an eye on what is happening

Easily view all sessions.

See from which tool users are accessing your application.

Cancel running threads.

Organize views and subsets

The Views and Subsets tool in Arc gives you a quick overview of all subsets and views.

Replacing a subset in multiple views is now possible with just few clicks.

Easier manage your tasks

A To Do List tool to organize your tasks by lists. Each list contains steps and each step, actions. When creating an action, you can either choose to open a TM1 object or to execute a process or a chore.

Support for attributes and localization

Facilitate the localization of your TM1 application, all the different steps such as updating }LocalizedDimensionAttribute and }LocalizedCubeAttribute values are gathered into one module:

TM1 Loggers summary

Easily update all TM1 loggers’ logging level.

Filter all loggers by levels.

Quickly search loggers.

Help managing memory growth

Reorder dimensions to optimize for memory.

Compare previous orders to pick the best.

A reset button to bring back the original order.