Build TM1 applications faster

Arc brings state of the art development interface to TM1 developers. Arc provides a centralized platform for all your TM1 development, access all of your on-premise and cloud environments from one location.

One platform for all your developments

Connect with the TM1 REST API.

Do your TM1 developments across all your TM1 instances in one platform.

One Arc server can connect to all your TM1 servers (IBM Cloud, other clouds or on premise)

Access TM1 objects quicker

Quicker access to your objects by filtering by types (t:type) and instances (i:instance).

Write the same code faster

Enjoy creating new processes with many new features making TM1 developers’ life easier such as Code completion, Snippets, Syntactical formatting and more…

TM1 Function pickers

A modern rules editor including formula picker, Syntax highlighting, Snippets and Dynamic auto-complete).

Find/Replace across all tabs

Highlight any text then press CTRL+F to search or CTRL+H to replace and the Search/Replace pop-up will appear showing all occurrences across all tabs (Prolog, Metadata, Data and Epilog):

Quickly access the latest objects you worked on

Adding your current development priorities to the Favourites tab helps you stay focused and quickly resume your workflow after an interruption.

All your History and Favourites are quickly accessible from the Home page.

Create Time dimensions

A Time management tool to create date dimensions (Day, Week, Month & Year) with just few clicks.

Create processes

From the Dimension Editor, right-click on an attribute value then choose Create Hierarchy, you will then be able to choose between creating the hierarchy and/or creating the process.

Code faster with shortcuts

Arc is full of keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity such as CTRL+F: Find, CTRL+H: Replace in all tabs, CTRL+/: Toggle comment, CTRL+SHIFT+F: Fold Region, CTRL+SHIFT+E: Execute process.