Following our previous webinar series Continuous Improvement of your PA/TM1 System, we now want you to discover first-hand how to make the best out of your PA/TM1 System. From basic and essential tips and best practices to taking the next step in data science and application development.

TM1 has gone through many changes since the first release of the REST API. Planning Analytics now brings terrific improvements to the TM1 server as well as the introduction of brand-new features which we will cover throughout the series.

Let us share with you actionable information and key aspects on how you can solve and develop powerful solutions to known challenges in the TM1 community.

So, get comfortable, relax and join us in this blockbuster webinar saga full of Planning Analytics and TM1 goodness.

May TM1 Be With You All…




In the first Episode of this webinar saga and learn how you can also solve some of the issues that can make a great tool like Excel an absolute hell:

  • Active forms - Best Practices and Tips

  • Smarter Reporting with MDX

  • Excel Report Debugging


In this exciting second Episode of this saga, you will learn how you can implement Best Practices for the new revolutionary functionality of Planning Analytics known as Hierarchies:

  • Mastering hierarchies in PA/TM1

  • The new TI and Rule functions explained

  • Create and maintain hierarchies using TI

  • How to use hierarchies in reports


Discover the amazing power of TM1 Web and how easy it is to create and deploy web application for either planning, analysis and/or reporting.

  • TM1 Web Beautification

  • How to build a Menu System

  • Exposing TM1 Web sheets in Planning Analytics Workspace


Throughout this super exciting forth Episode, you will understand how to use the REST API and Python to boost and integrate your TM1 server with lots of new technologies..

  • What is the REST API?

  • Getting Started with TM1py

  • Handy Python scripts to boost your TM1 system


Join this thrilling Episode and realize the huge potential of combining the best of two worlds, Planning Analytics/TM1 and Data Science.

  • Data Integration with TM1py and Jupyter

  • Exploring your data with Pandas and Plotly

  • Demand forecast with Facebook's Prophet


In this very last Episode, you will understand and see what it is out of the possible when web frameworks are used to create sophisticated PA/TM1 applications.

  • Why use web frameworks at all.

  • Available front-end and back-end frameworks.

  • Behind the scenes of a modern TM1 Web Application.