Continuous improvement of your TM1 system


We are seeing a rapid uptake in our Cubewise CODE capabilities as developers scramble to respond to the rapidly changing business environment that they model and operate in.

Every system can use some improvement. Let us share with you in this webinar series our global experience with the latest technology and best practices for PA/TM1 that will help you identify high-impact improvement opportunities.

We will share valuable and actionable information addressing all aspects of the PA/TM1 development process, including modeling, migration and the beautification of your user interfaces, all with the aim of improving your application’s user experience and ROI.

Your hosts:

  • Guido Tejeda, Senior Software Engineer at Cubewise.  

  • Luis Rincon, Business Development Manager at Cubewise.


Chapter 1 - Nov 15th - 02:00 PM US Eastern Time Zone

Delivering Efficiencies in the IBM TM1/Planning Analytics Development Process.

In this webinar we will demonstrate Cubewise development techniques that you can use to:

  • Reduce the time spent developing TI code for administrative tasks.

  • Improve the development of conceptual features.

  • Accelerate the development process.


Chapter 2 - Nov 29th - 02:00 PM US Eastern Time Zone

Optimizing Your Backend IBM TM1/Planning Analytics System.

In this webinar we will demonstrate Cubewise development techniques that:

  • Reduce the downtime of your application.

  • Minimize the risk of TM1 objects being missed during promotions.

  • Assure only quality code is promoted.

  • Reduce data load times.


Chapter 3 - Dec 13th - 02:00 PM US Eastern Time Zone

Leveraging the TM1 REST API.

You don’t need any extra components to access your TM1 server with the TM1 REST API. In this webinar we will share Cubewise tips and tricks on how to leverage the REST API to access the TM1 Server, request and transform data as well as some basic visualizations once your data is ready.


Chapter 4 - Jan 10th - 02:00 PM US Eastern Time Zone

Modernizing the User Experience of Your IBM TM1/Planning Analytics Applications.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how you can update the user experience of your IBM TM1/Planning Analytics applications with modern Web technologies and frameworks.