Everyone talks about best practice but how many companies actually have a way to confirm that they are being implemented and followed on a day-to-day basis? Long term health of your system is dependent on your developers providing a consistent architecture that not only performs well but can be maintained easily.

Pulse for TM1 enables small and large TM1 & Cognos Express development teams to verify that your standards are being followed through Validation reports.  Validation reports add rigour to the TM1 development process that have long been standard practice in traditional programming languages such as Java and .NET.

Validation Report

Built-In Best Practice

Out of the box you get over 40 validation rules that enforce naming conventions and highlight possible issues in your Cube rules and Turbo Integrator processes. Small issues quickly add up and cause performance issues when you are building complex integrated TM1 models. 

Examples of validation rules include:

  • Use of SELECT * in Turbo Integrator processes
  • Using static views as the source for TI processes
  • Using ATTRPUT functions in the Prolog and Metadata tabs
  • Open bracketed rules []
  • Dimensions not part of Cubes

Integrate Your Own Best Practice

Each validation rule can be customised or additional ones added to suit your own companies best practices. You can define the scope of each rule and what it applies to, regular expressions enable flexible search pattens.

When Validation reports are combined with the Pulse's Technical Documentation you lower the cost of ownership and ease the burden of introducing new developers to your team. 


You can download an example Validation report here.