Do you want to know who is using your system and what they are doing? This information has always been very hard to determine in TM1, custom ad-hoc solutions have been the only option.

How are you meant to manage your licenses so that you ensure compliance and get the most out of your existing investment? Can you determine who needs training and who are the true power users that are driving innovation within your organisation?

All this and more can be determined with advanced User Analytics that are provided with Pulse for TM1. The extensive session information includes:

  • How many times each user has logged in
  • When they logged in
  • How long they were logged in for
  • How often they were running tasks
  • How often they were waiting for other tasks to complete

License Optimisation

Most organisations, although making a large investment in their TM1 or Cognos Express licences, are unaware how many are actually being used. This can have a severe financial impact if you are non-compliant, anyone who has had their software licenses audited knows how difficult it can be. Conversely you may not be using licenses you have already purchased, just because a person has a login doesn't mean they are using the system.

Pulse for TM1 compiles all usage information into a single report that makes it easy to understand your current license status. An example can be downloaded here.


User acceptance testing (UAT) is an important part of building successful systems. It provides a mechanism for feedback from end users and official sign-off confirming changes meet the requirements specified and have been integrated successfully.  

Using Pulse User Analytics you can determine that your testing has been carried out by each user as outlined in test plans. The history of how each user accesses the system is logged and can be retrieved as required.