TM1 Function for TI, ElementAttrInsert

Create an attribute for a dimension.

What is the ElementAttrInsert function?

ElementAttrInsert creates an attribute for a dimension.

Where can the ElementAttrInsert function be used?


What is the syntax for ElementAttrInsert?

ElementAttrInsert( Dimension, Hierarchy, PrevAttribute, Attribute, Type)​;

​Dimension = Name of the Dimension​
Hierarchy = Name of the Hierarchy within the Dimension​
PrevAttribute = The Attribute before the new Attribute that you want to insert​
Attribute = Name of the Attribute​
Type = The type of attribute. There are three possible values for the Type argument:​
– N: Creates a numeric attribute.​
– S: Creates a string attribute.​
– A: Creates an alias attribute.  

A demonstration on how to use ElementAttrInsert

Create an attribute, zTemp, into the Product Type dimension after the attribute Active Status.