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Are you someone who loves TM1 and wants to delve deeper into the more technical aspects such as web development with Canvas, the TM1 REST API and C API? Cubewise is looking for passionate TM1 people who have experience building applications in traditional languages such as Java and .NET.

The role will mean you join the Cubewise CODE team and help us continue the development of our products and open source tools. We are open to talking to anyone irrespective of where you are located in the world.

Role: Software Engineer/Developer

To be considered for the role you must have:

  • Experience as either a TM1 consultant, developer or administrator.
  • Experience developing applications in Java (preferred), .NET. or using web development technologies.
  • Excellent written and verbal English.
  • A can-do attitude and be willing to try different programming languages and frameworks.

Any addition to the above mandatory skills we will looking favorably on any one who has one or more of the skills below:

  • Experience building web applications preferably with Angular or similar JavaScript frameworks.
  • Excellent HTML and CSS skills.
  • Web design skills using CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  • Knowledge of the TM1 C API.
  • Knowledge of the TM1 REST API
  • Been involved in the development of commercial products.
  • Provided support of commercial products in the past.
  • Knowledge of the GO programming language.


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