Pro-active Alerts can be configured based on multiple scenarios and triggers. Allowing you to rectify problems BEFORE they become an issue. Alert types include memory use, free disk space, wait time, TM1 crashes, error logs, message logs, run time, etc.

Alerts can be restricted to particular days and times to stop erroneous messages due to scheduled maintenance. 

Multiple notification groups can be created to send to different people based on alert types. Alerts are displayed in both the console, windows client and can be sent via email or as a push notification to smart phones and tablets. iPhones, iPads and Android devices are supported.

There are a number of alerts available, each can be defined to trigger according to day and time parameters as well as a threshold value. Here are the alert types:

  • CPU: CPU usage for the physical / virtual server or TM1 instance exceeds a given percentage.
  • Disk Free: The disk space remaining on any physical disk on the server drops below the given threshold (gigabytes).
  • Error Log: Any error logs generated via TI code can be sent directly to an email group for actioning. You can filter which logs are sent and to whom using wildcard filters.
  • Memory: The memory used by the physical / virtual server or TM1 instance exceeds a given percentage.
  • Run Time: A process or action in TM1 initiated by a user that exceeds the given threshold in seconds.
  • Shutdown: The TM1 instance can no longer be contacted via the TM1 Top API.
  • Concurrent Usage: The number of concurrent users logged into the system has exceeded the value specified.
  • Wait Time: Any user is waiting longer than the threshold specified in seconds.
  • Users Waiting: The number of users waiting exceeds the threshold specified.