Over the years, TM1 application grows, as TM1 application is growing, the memory used by your TM1 server will grow as well.
Pulse keeps lots of statistics about your TM1 application, depending on what you want to look at there are different reports focus on the server, TM1 instances or the users.


Server performance

To analyse your memory growth, Pulse provides you with a report on your server performance information such as the average and maximimum server memory and CPU usage by day.

APPLIcATION performance

To analyse your TM1 instance performance, in the performance instance report, you will find:

  • Memory, CPU usage and Maximum user concurrency by day.
  • Uptime %, Restart load time.
  • Long running operations on your application.

MEmory analysis

Pulse gives you a list of the biggest memory events during the time frame selected. You can even drill-down to see which threads were running.

Cube list

Pulse gives you a report which will show you the full list of cubes with a lot of statistics such as number of dimensions, number of numeric cells and feed cells. This report is very useful to find overfeeding issue.