Any TM1 administrator needs to react quickly to any issues that may arise. You cannot do this without having all of the relevant information at your fingertips. 

Pulse for TM1 gives you more than you have ever had before in one location that is easy to view and navigate. These tools can be useful when supporting a production system or trying to get the most out of your system during development. 

You can view the Live Monitor in your browser at any location or use the Desktop application that allows you to PAUSE and REWIND the streams to investigate in more detail.

Pro-Active Alerts

A top quality support team is solving issues BEFORE they become a larger problem. Have you ever been embarrassed because you are the last person to find out that the server is down or running slowly? 

Pulse for TM1 provides multiple alert options that are fully configurable to suit your needs. Each alert can be configured to be sent to multiple people via email, push notifications to smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) or directly to the Pulse web and desktop interfaces.

The alerts can be restricted to specific days and times to allow your normal maintenance procedures to take place. The types of alerts include:

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Server shut-down
  • Error logs
  • Run time