At Cubewise CODE open source software is a big part of both our products and the way we think about development. 

We benefit from many great open source libraries and frameworks so we like to also share some of the stuff we have built. Below of some of the tools that we have developed that help our consultants work on the many TM1 projects we do around the world.

Feel free to use the tools as you like, they have mostly permissive licenses that allow you to use them as you please. The source code is hosted at If you find a bug or feel like you can contribute please fork the repository, update the code and then create a pull request so we can merge in the changes.


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Bedrock for TM1

The definitive library for writing modular processes for TM1.


A Python package that wraps the TM1 REST API in a simple to use library.


Cancels ALL running threads or disconnects ALL users connected to TM1


Utilize all of your CPUs to load data into TM1 in parallel.




Helpful tip and information about the TM1 REST API.

Rush TI

Run processes in parallel using only one connection.

TI Helper


Improve your productivity with a context menu.

ODBC Connect

Connect to ODBC data sources.