Microsoft Excel is a driving force behind the ongoing success of TM1 and Cognos Express, the combination of server-based data and modelling with flexible, familiar Excel reporting and data entry templates is the best of both worlds. The investment made in building these templates and reports is significant, users can also build their own reports which may or may not be designed as well as they could be.

Pulse for TM1 allows you to track the usage of TM1 enabled Excel workbooks, this information is stored on the Pulse server for detailed analysis. This information answers many common questions:

  • How many of our standard reports are being used?
  • Do I have to invest valuable time in building these reports?
  • Are users saving their own copies of the reports?
  • How often do users Slice views and Active Forms to Excel?
  • Who are the power users in my organisation?
  • Am I descending back into "Excel Hell"?

Corporate governance is very important to all organisations, Pulse for TM1 helps you deliver on the "best of both worlds" promises of TM1.