Migration is one of the most difficult tasks associated with TM1, there has been no easy way to move changes between different environments. This has now been solved with the inclusion of migration into Pulse.

Pulse Enterprise Migration brings governance, transparency and ease of use allowing you to focus on developing a better system for your users. Pulse Migration works in the following way:

  1. Create a Migration Package based on changes in TM1 that have been identified by Pulse Source Control.
  2. Compare the changes in the Migration Package against a target server resulting in only incremental updates.
  3. Transfering the Migration Package between servers using the export and import functionality.
  4. Applying the changes to you target server. Pulse can also automatically backup the contents of your TM1 model.

All of these steps can be managed easily using the Pulse Migration Wizard. Benefits of using Pulse Migration include:

  • Seperation of Duties: Pulse can apply approved changes with out the need for developers to have accounts on your production servers, assisting with compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).
  • History of Changes: Each time a package is applied history is kept of who made the changes and when.
  • Repeatable: Use the same Migration Package on test and production systems to ensure only the changes tested are applied to production.
  • Server Restart: Changes can be applied without the need for a server restart saving you valuable time.
  • Skillset: Packages can be applied by employees with limited or no TM1 knowledge.