Regular documentation methods require days of work just to get the basics completed; identify the objects in the system, list their properties, etc. Most of this time is better spent providing context and descriptions of what the objects are used for - this is when documentation becomes meaningful. 

Model Spotlight does most of the work for you, extracting information from each object within TM1 / Cognos Express. The information includes:

  • Cubes, dimension and processes
  • Dimensions each cube contains
  • Cubes each dimension is a part of
  • Number of each type of element in dimensions
  • Memory and disk space of each object
  • Number of feed and calculated cells
  • Relationships between cubes, attributes and processes

The relationships between objects are extracted allowing you to understand how the whole model fits together. The relationships are not only identified in rules and feeders but also processes including ExecuteProcess commands and the use of variables for object names.

Add Your Own Commentary

Pulse for TM1 does 95% of the work, you just need to augment each object with commentary and the context of what the objects are actually used for. 

Export Your Documentation to PDF

This information can then be navigated by users in the Pulse website, be exported to PDF for distribution or saved for future reference.

With Model Spotlight your documentation is always up to date - a living document with the detail required for comfort and control of your system. 

Best Practice / Validation Report

Best practice is often talked about but rarely followed, Pulse has over 40 built-in best practice rules that have been developed through years of consulting experience. You can easily and quickly run the Pulse Validation Report to highlight possible improvements to your system.