Filter Pulse Notifications

By default, Pulse creates a notification message when a change has been made in any TM1 object.

Pulse checks for changes at a specific frequency defined in the Pulse instance settings. In the example below, Pulse will check for changes every 5 seconds.

The notifications will appear as a new message box at the bottom left of your screen:

You can see all notifications in the drop down list at the top right of the window:

Since version 5.3, in the About page you can now filter the notifications in the Settings tab:

You can tick Hide notifications, if you do not want to see any notifications:

Or you can apply a filter on the notifications. For example if you add *.pro, Pulse will create a notification message only if a change has been made on a process.

With this *.pro as a filter, If a rule file is updated, Pulse will not create a notification.