With any enterprise application it is important to have management processes in place and tools to monitor their success. Pulse has built-in server based change tracking, source control and migration.

Change Tracking

Every time an object is changed by either a user or system process it is tracked and logged by Pulse. There is no need to keep lists of what has been changed in your development environments and in production Pulse can provide the needed governance and transparency.  

Source / Version Control

The logged changes are stored within an internal GIT source control system giving your full historical access, visual differences and metrics of developer productivity. View the full list of features on the Source Control page.


Moving TM1 objects between servers is a very difficult manual process that is prone to error. Pulse provides wizard based tools to easily migrate objects in a repeatable manner that is traceable. Limited TM1 skills are required to execute migration packages allowing you to separate the duties of TM1 developers from those responsible for managing production environments. Read more about migration on the Enterprise Migration page.