Canvas for Visual Studio Code


This extension adds rich language support for the Canvas for TM1 language to VS Code, including:

  • Snippets
  • Update multiple atributes a the same time
  • Dropdown list for attribute values
  • Generate templates


The key advantage of this extension is that it will write automatically the Canvas directive you choose with all its attributes. All Canvas directives starts with tm1-ui.

1. Start typing tm1-ui, you'll see the following dropdown list with all Canvas directives:

2. You can filter the list by typing more information, e.g. if you type tm1-ui-dbr, you'll see only the directives which contains tm1-ui-dbr.

3. Select a directive (in this example tm1-ui-dbra) and press enter, the extension will write the directive with all attributes.

4. Now you just need to fill out the attributes values. It is recommended to use the key TAB for navigation between attributes:


Update multiple attributes at the same time

1. If you have the same attribute multiple times, by navigating using the key TAB to Instance Name, you'll see all Instance Name will be highlighted:

2. Start replacing the first Instance Name, and you'll see that all Instance Name will be updated at the same time:



Dropdown list for attribute values

1. If an attribute has a multi-value choice such as True or false, after typing =":

2. Just press Ctrl + Space to see a dropdown list with all possible values:



Generate templates

1. in order to see the list of templates, you need to start typing tm1-templates:

2. Press enter on one of the templates and the code will be automatically generated: