Arc v1.7 is now available

Arc, the professional development tool for IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 has just got even better! Arc v1.7 includes 13 new features, 14 enhancements and 16 fixes.

Cube Viewer, Dimension Editor and Subset Editor have been rebuilt

Arc Cube Viewer, Dimension Editor and Subset Editor are using a new grid component which brings a lot of new capabilities such as:

  • Excel like editing features

  • Copy/paste from Excel

  • Sorting of rows by one or more columns

  • Select multiple elements with Ctrl or a range with Shift

  • Drag and drop of elements and lots more.

Area and formula pickers have been added

The Rule Editor has a new area picker and a new formula picker to help with element selection when writing DB formulas. The Process Editor has a new formula picker that allow you to create any CellXXX formulas easily.

MDX and REST API plugins keep your history

The MDX and REST API plugins store all your previous queries in your browser. You can even pin at the top your favourites:

And more…

  • Built for Bedrock 4! Control processes are now displayed as ExecuteProcess in the process editor auto-complete (Ctrl+Space).

  • Fine-grained control of control objects, show just ElementAttribute cubes or Picklist cubes, etc.

  • Snippets are much easier to use, go to the /snippets folder after you install Arc to see some examples.

  • You can save a TI as a template to use as a starting point for new TI processes.

  • A new debugger tab showing all your breakpoints, you can then easily switch them on/off. Arc will stop in child processes as well if a breakpoint is present.

A complete list of all new features, fixes and enhancement can be found in the Arc 1.7 Release Notes:

Try it now!

Arc is free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

Simply download Arc, double-click on the .exe file… and enjoy the thrill of supercharged TM1 development!

Arc v1.5 is now available

Arc for TM1, the professional development tool for IBM Planning Analytics and TM1, has just got even better! We’ve been busy adding a host of innovative new features in Arc 1.5 to improve the productivity, efficiency and code quality of professional PA and TM1 developers.


What is new in v1.5


Welcome to Arc Console - the command prompt for TM1 server!

How many times have you wanted to execute just one or two TI commands… without going through all the steps of creating a TI process?

Arc 1.5 now includes a TI Console that enables you to do exactly that, cutting out many non-productive steps and effectively giving you a “command prompt” for TM1 Server.

The new TI Console does much more:

  • Logs all TI execution history for fast and easy pinpointing of errors and bottlenecks

  • Displays the execution time and results from TM1 Server

  • Simplifies the error messages from TM1 Server

  • Enables rapid editing and code correction using Arc’s intelligent Auto-Complete and Snippets features

Modify all TM1 Server configuration parameters

With Arc’s new Configuration tab, you can now see and update all TM1 server parameters. For each parameter, Arc displays the parameter description and a blue Advice icon to provide even more detailed usage and configuration advice:

Dimension re-ordering

Re-ordering cube dimensions can help improve query performance and lower memory consumption of your cubes. With just a few clicks in Arc 1.5 you will be able to see the impact of changing the dimensions order:

“Favourites” for quick access to your highest priority model objects

Design meetings? Sprint reviews? A TM1/PA developer juggles many priorities on a daily, even hourly, basis.

Arc 1.5 can now help you keep track of what you are currently working on.

Adding your current development priorities to the Favourites tab helps you stay focused and quickly resume your workflow after an interruption:

Visualize your model with summary views

Arc includes summary views that organize your model’s dimensions, cubes, processes and chores.

In Arc 1.5, these object views have been improved with colors and filtering options, enabling you to visually identify and navigate the related objects in your model:


and much more…

For our existing Arc 1.x users, we’ve included many other fixes and enhancements in our latest release. A complete list can be found in the Arc 1.5 Release Notes (

Try it now!

Cubewise Arc 1.5. is free to download and includes a three-month “no strings attached” trial license.

Simply download Arc 1.5, double-click on the .exe file… and enjoy the thrill of supercharged TM1 development!

Cubewise CODE Cheatsheet

The idea of the Cubewise CODE Cheatsheet is to gather in one PDF document the most important information that you need to know about all our products. The first page will give ou an overview of all products following by one page summary for Pulse, one for Canvas and the last one for Arc.

Dowload the PDF by clicking on the button below:

Deep dive into certain topics using the information icons which will send you to online articles.

Cheatsheet Summary

The Summary cheatsheet contains one section per products:

Pulse for TM1 Cheatsheet

The Pulse for TM1 cheatsheet is organised as follows:

  • BLACK: Features

  • GREEN: Configuration

  • BLUE: Tips

  • RED: Troubleshooting

  • ORANGE: Learn more

Canvas for TM1 Cheatsheet

The Pulse for TM1 cheatsheet is organised as follows:

  • BLACK: Features

  • GREEN: Configuration

  • BLUE: Tips

  • ORANGE: Learn more

Arc for TM1 Cheatsheet

The Arc for TM1 cheatsheet is organised as follows:

  • BLACK: Features

  • GREEN: Configuration

  • BLUE: Tips

  • DARK BLUE: Plugins

  • ORANGE: Learn more

Continuous improvement of your TM1 and Planning Analytics system

We are seeing a rapid uptake in our Cubewise CODE capabilities as developers scramble to respond to the rapidly changing business environment that they model and operate in.

Every system can use some improvement. Let us share with you in these videos our global experience with the latest technology and best practices for IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics that will help you identify high-impact improvement opportunities.

We will share valuable and actionable information addressing all aspects of the PA/TM1 development process, including modeling, migration and the beautification of your user interfaces, all with the aim of improving your application’s user experience and ROI.

Your hosts:


Guido Tejeda

Senior Software Engineer at Cubewise


Luis Ruicon

Business Development Manager at Cubewise


Chapter 1 - Delivering efficiencies in the TM1 and Planning Analytics process

Guido shares some tips to improve your developments and some examples about how to use Bedrock for TM1:


Chapter 2 - Optimizing your backend system

In this second chapter, Luis goes through the different tools such as Hustle and Pulse which you can use to improve your backend system:


Chapter 3 - Leveraging the TM1 REST API

Everything you should know about the TM1 REST API is explained by Guido in this chapter:


Chapter 4 - Modernizing your TM1 applications

In this video, Luis analyzes on a single model, all the different user interfaces available on the market to create a planning and reporting web application for IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics:


Cubewise Arc: approved by TM1 developers around the world!

The TM1 Story

IBM Planning Analytics, powered by the TM1 engine, is famous for its speed, scalability and world-class modeling capabilities. Over many years, the TM1 engine has been dramatically improved; with the advent of Arc, TM1 now boasts a modern developer experience befitting its status.

The latest TM1 chapter: Cubewise Arc

Aware of a growing market demand for a modern TM1 developer tool, Cubewise gathered input from its global team of TM1 consultants on what the “ultimate” TM1 developer tool would look like. The result is Cubewise Arc, developed by and for professional TM1 developers.

Arc is now in use in 26 countries

The response to Arc from the global TM1 community has been nothing less than amazing! Only a few months after its official release, the Arc 1.1 trial has been downloaded in 26 countries, often followed by enthusiastic feedback from developers who have discovered its many benefits.

Over 40 TM1 developers have contributed…

… to the Arc project on GitHub.

One of the things that makes Arc special is that it is built by TM1 developers who have invited the entire TM1 community “behind the curtain” of product development.

Cubewise has made our support tickets public on GitHub, and anyone can go to the Cubewise CODE/arc-issues repository and post a bug, ask a question or request a new enhancement.

Among the 100+ TM1 developers already using Arc, 40+ have already contributed, resulting in over 240+ closed tickets:

Try Arc today!

If you are a professional TM1 developer who wants to build applications faster, easier and with higher quality, an Arc download is just a click away at arc-download.

Arc does not require elevated desktop privileges – simply run the arc.exe file and you will be up and running in no-time.

Cubewise looks forward to you joining the growing community of enthusiastic Arc users, and we are eager to hear your feedback!

How to create a Planning Analytics Hierarchy with TurboIntegrator

IBM Planning Analytics (PA) introduced a new layer in the query engine called a Hierarchy.

If you are not familiar with the PA Hierarchies, please read this blog article first: Mastering Hierarchies in IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics

Now that you know what a Hierarchy is and why you would use them (e.g. to make your applications “future-proof”), this article provides a step-by-step guide to building a new hierarchy with a TurboIntegrator process. This article will use Cubewise’s Arc IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to accomplish this, but you will be able to employ these concepts with TI editor in Architect and Planning Analytics Workspace.

New TI functions

To manipulate Hierarchies in TI, IBM Planning Analytics has introduced a set of new TurboIntegrator FunctionsIBM has ensured these new functions are very similar to the TI functions for dimensions, and there is usually a 1-1 corresponding function. For example, you would use HierarchyExists (check if a hierarchy exists) instead of DimensionExists (check if a dimension exists).

If you are using Cubewise Arc, your learning curve for Hierarchies will be easier as all the new Hierarchy functions are available as code snippets in the Arc’s TI editor:

See it in action!

This 5 min video will show you how to build a hierarchy from scratch with a TM1 process:

For more details about how to build a new Hierarchy using a process with Arc, you should have a look at following step-by-step guide:

Try Arc now!

Arc comes with a three-months trial period and there is no installation required. Just download Arc and doublie click on arc.exe file, you will be coding in no-time:

Arc v1.1 is now available to download

After months of development and feedback from customers and consultants all around the world…. Arc v1.1 is now available to download!

The full list of enhancements and fixes can be found in the v1.1.0 release notes on GitHub.

What is new in v1.1:

Manage TM1 security has never been easier

A brand new interface to manage security has been added. It will be now easier and faster to:

  • Search for a specific user or group.

  • Create new user or group.

  • Clone a security group to create a new group with the same security.

Major overhaul of the dimension / hierarchy editor

The Hierarchy editor has been significantly improved:

  • Changes to the hierarchy are now immediate.

  • Delete/Copy/Paste multiple leaf elements at the same time.

  • Copy a list of elements from Excel, Paste into the new element input box and then click Add!

Find/Replace accross all TI code tabs.

Searching or replacing a string in your code happens now accross all tabs (Prolog, Metadata, Data and Epilog). Click on any search result and Arc will bring you to the exact code line:

Execute MDX queries and set expressions

Running and testing MDX queries is fundamental for TM1 developers, especially in a multiple hierarchy world. Arc v1.1 includes a dedicated plugin to run MDX queries on cubes and dimensions:

Run REST API queries

For those working on TM1 REST API applications or building new Arc plugins, running and testing TM1 REST API queries is important, that is why a new plugin dedicated to the TM1 REST API has been added:

Other enhancements:

  • Add a + button to create new object in (Dimensions, Cubes, Processes, Chores). #192

  • Subset Editor window size depends now on the screen size. #181

  • In Prolog tab, the search capability has been added to data source drop downs. #165

  • Add Keyboard Shortcut to run a TI. #145

  • Add support for Dynamic SQL Queries during Preview. #128

  • Overwrite a cube if already existing. #123

  • Hierarchy editor, expand button only expand first children. #105

  • Add refresh available dimensions button to create cube dialog. #5

Follow us on GitHub

We want to involve the TM1 comunity as much as possible in Arc developments so we decided to show publicly all our tickets on GitHub. On the arc-issue repository, you can see all the opened tickets and what's coming in the future. If you have any requests, feel free to create an issue on the arc-issue repository.

Try it now!

Arc comes with a three-month trial period and there is no installation required. Just download Arc and double click on arc.exe file, you will be coding in no-time:

Happy coding!

Debugging Turbo Integrator processes with Arc

Have you ever spent hours trying to understand why your TM1/Planning Analytics process is not working and ended up exporting all your variables into a flat file?

What is debugging?

Debugging code allows you to step through line-by-line and see what the values of the variables are as you go. No need to export your variables into a flat file, now you can step into your code and see in real time the value of your variables.

How does it work?

The first thing you have to do is set up a breakpoint. A breakpoint allows you to stop the execution of code at a particular point. Once the process stops, you can then see the current variable value and or step in and analyze the execution of your code.

Why debugging with Arc?

Arc is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TM1 and Planning Analytics. With Arc you can now build, develop, manage and debug your TM1 processes within a simple and easy to use interface.

See it in action:

For more information about debugging a TM1 process with Arc, you should check the following Help article which digs deeper into this feature:

Download Arc Now

A beta version of Arc is currently availble for download here. It comes with a 6 month trial license so you have no excuses to not try it!



How Cubewise Code will shape the future of IBM TM1/Planning Analytics in 2018

2018 v2.png

A lot happened in the TM1/Planning Analytics world in 2017. Canvas has been endorsed by many customers as their new way to build modern web planning and reporting applications. TM1py brought together for the first time, the TM1 and Python communities in order to find new ways to integrate external systems with your TM1 application. 

In 2018, we continue mastering the TM1 REST API by introducing a brand new product:

Something that all TM1 developers have been asking for! A new way to build your TM1 models which takes advantage of all the new features of TM1 11 / Planning Analytics. More information to come on this blog or you can contact your local Cubewise office.

Pulse goes Big Data with Kibana and Elasticsearch

Buiding reports and analysing the core of your TM1 application such as your TM1 user sessions, TM1 process errors, TM1 process/chore runtime... will become even easier now with Kibana and Elastic Search.

Kibana is probably the most exciting new feature of Pulse since migration was added. With Pulse v5.7, Pulse can now send data to Elasticsearch, one of the best and most popular Big Data stores. Kibana provides dashboarding / reporting on top of the Pulse data stored in Elasticsearch enabling you to develop your own metrics and share them with your TM1 community.

Canvas Cube Viewer and Subset Editor

Canvas will continue revolutioning the way TM1 planning and dashboarding applications are built. Canvas has proven in 2017 that it is a mature, scalable and stable solution for many customers. In 2018, we will make Canvas even better by introducing a lot of new exciting features such as the brand new Cube Viewer, Subset Editor and new samples.

A new version of Bedrock and TM1py

In 2018, there will be a new version of Bedrock (v4) which will be designed for IBM Planning Analytics. This will support hierarchies and all the new functions introduced with Planning Analytics Local. We will continue improving TM1py as well, with a lot of new features and articles to inform the TM1 Community about what you can do with Python.

Exciting IBM TM1/Planning Analytics conferences coming close to you

This year TM1 and Planning Analytics conferences will be held in four locations:

  • London in April
  • Sydney and Melbourne in August
  • Las Vegas in September

We will also be at Think conference in March so if you are in Las Vegas drop by and say hello.

Read more: