Version 5.1 Released

The best TM1 management system just got better. Some of the highlights of the 20 great new features of Pulse Version 5.1:

  • Real-time thread monitoring and diagnostics using the TM1 REST API 
  • Change tracking and migration enhancements:
    • Track and migrate TM1 Application folders, files and object links
    • Global undo - roll back any object in a TM1 model to an earlier state
    • Specify and execute a TI process with package migration
    • Find & replace a string during workbook migration (e.g. "TM1DEV:" to "TM1TEST:")
    • Include Control Objects in manually-created packages
  • Alerting enhancements: TM1 transaction rollback event
  • Security enhancements: restrict Groups to specific TM1 instances
  • Usability enhancements: quick navigation menu within the active TM1 instance