Since 2004 Cubewise has specialised in building highly effective TM1 systems across Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. We have delivered well in excess of 500 successful projects to over 300 active customers, both large enterprise and mid-market.

At the core of the Cubewise ethos is TM1, with over 150 passionate consultants focused on delivering great systems; we believe we are the leading TM1 partner in the world. We aren't just about creating great systems but also improving the TM1 ecosystem through add-on software that greatly improves the management and governance of TM1. We don't just provide "consulting-ware" but have a dedicated Software Division whose sole purpose is to create software for people developing and managing TM1

Not only are we providing TM1 consulting and software solutions but are also a leading voice in the TM1 community with contributions to, a dedicated education division (Cubewise EDU) and hosting of the biggest annual independent TM1 user conferences, held across 4 continents and with 100's of attendees.

Our dedication to TM1 shows in our long history and deep portfolio of experience. Since 2004 we have delivered well in excess of 500 successful projects to more than 300 large, medium and small customers across the world. We were honored in 2015, when the creator of TM1, Manny Perez himself, joined Cubewise as Technology Executive – ushering in an exciting new age for us, but even more so for our customers.


Cubewise has a proud history of achievements in the industry:

  • Worldwide Analytics Solutions, Financial and Operational Performance Management Business Partner of the Year.

  • First IBM Support Providing Partner for TM1.

  • First independent TM1 conference.

  • First Capability Authorised Partner.

  • Multiple time IBM Partner of the Year.

  • Multiple time Beacon Award finalist.

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