Make your TM1 community more productive

User adoption allows you to gauge how you're performing against your objective. In real time.

Knowing who is using your application, when are they using it and how they are using it, is very important if you want to improve your application, increase its user adoption and measure the applications ROI.

User analytics

Pulse keeps track of user sessions. You know who is using your TM1 application, when are they using it, what are they consuming and lots of other statistics like number of sessions, session times...:

Identify users who require training

TM1 users can build their own reports which may or may not be designed as well as they could be. Pulse tracks all Excel workbooks and can help you to identify which users require TM1 training.

Give users transparency

Lots of our clients reduced their number of support calls by 50% by exposing the Pulse Live Monitor to all its TM1 users.

Bring confidence to the users

Having current documentation and the ability to view a TM1 model visually via relationship diagrams also means your users will feel confident about the application knowing all source and relationship between cubes.

Improve testing practices

Using Pulse User Analytics you can determine that your testing has been carried out by each user as outlined in test plans.