Improve performance and up-time

System performance in many ways is just as important as uptime, if a system is available but is not responsive or does not fulfil user expectations it can quickly become maligned. Pulse allows you to view key performance indicators live and also compare them overtime. Long running queries, objects locks and badly designed reports can all impact how your system performs and is perceived.

24/7 Monitoring tool

View live information from your browser, no installs required and all users can access the content. Cancel threads and disconnect users by providing valid credentials.

Take action

From the live monitor, you can cancel threads, disconnect users or even stop/start the TM1 instance.

Performance analysis

Delve into the wealth of data recorded to compare and contrast the system over time. Pulse aggregates run-time information so you can actually see what parts of the system take the most amount of time.

Improve up-time

Analyse server up-time with the TM1 instance report. Create Alerts to avoid server running out of memory.

Cancel long running application

You can set up alerts to cancel threads automatically if they take too much time.

Pro-Active alerts

Be the first to know when there is an issue with email and desktop notifications.

Keep 10 min of historic

You'll find details of everything that happened in the previous 10 min before the dump file was created such as who was logged in, which processes or chores ran during the past 10 min, snapshots of TM1 threads...