Speed-up TM1 development

You have the best TM1 developers in your team – with the best tool they can get even better. Pulse helps your company to continuously improve your development process

Quick overview of your developments

Pulse has built-in server based source control.  These changes are identified by author, the person who made the change or executed the change via a Turbo Integrator process or chore, as well as the exact time the change occurred. 

Total transparency about what changed

Every time an object is changed by either a user or system process it is tracked and logged by Pulse. There is no need to keep lists of what has been changed in your development environments and in production Pulse can provide the needed governance and transparency.  

Knowing all possible impacts before making a change

Always keep an overview of even the most complex TM1 models with Pulse’s magic documentation feature including all dependencies.

Best practice validation

Pulse for TM1 enables small and large TM1 development teams to verify that your standards are being followed through Validation reports.

Quickly rollback changes

Use the rollback feature to retrieve a previous version of TM1 process or rule file.


Speed-up migration process

Pulse Enterprise Migration brings governance, transparency and ease of use allowing you to focus on developing a better system for your users.