Continuously improve change management

Change management of your TM1 systems really can be a tough nut. That is why Cubewise build Pulse with its powerful enterprise migration features that will enable you to continuously improve your change management processes.

Compare changes before a migration

Compare any changes before you migrate them from one TM1 instance to another.

Know who changes what and when

An uncompromising Change Tracking will always let you know who changed what and when.

Keep migration historic

Changes to your production environment will be documented and comprehensible with a list of carried out migration packages.

Separation of duties

A real separation of duties is now possible in your entreprise migration process - non-TM1 staff is finally able to deploy changes to production.

Live migration

Migrate changes to production live and with no server downtime.

Improve testing procedures

Ensure that testing procedures have been strictly adhered to by monitoring and tracking the test user’s activity.