Continuously improve your TM1 applications

As the data volumes, computational complexity, and user community of your IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) applications grow over time, effectively monitoring the health of your system becomes vital to business continuity. And by “effective”, we do not just mean in-the-moment, but over time.

Continuously improving performance

System performance in many ways is just as important as uptime. If a system is available but is not responsive or does not fulfil user expectations, it can quickly become maligned. Pulse allows you to view key performance indicators live and also compare them over time. Long-running queries, objects locks and badly designed reports can all impact how your system performs and is perceived.

24/7 monitoring

View live information from your browser, no installs required and all users can access the content. Cancel threads and disconnect users by providing valid credentials.

Take actions

From the live monitor, you can cancel threads, disconnect users or even stop/start a TM1 instance.

Pro-active alerts

Be the first to know when there is an issue with email and desktop notifications.

Performance analysis

Delve into the wealth of data recorded to compare and contrast the system over time. Pulse aggregates run-time information so you can actually see what parts of the system take the most amount of time.

Analyse server up-time with the TM1 instance report. Create Alerts to avoid server running out of memory.

Keep all history

“You have to know the past to understand the present”

Thanks to Elasticsearch, everything that happened on your TM1 instances can easily be retrieved second by second.

Bring confidence to your users

Having current documentation and the ability to view a TM1 model visually via relationship diagrams also means your users will feel confident about the application knowing all sources and relationships between cubes.

Make your TM1 community more productive

User adoption allows you to gauge how you’re performing against your objective in real-time.

Knowing who is using your application, when are they using it, and how they are using it, is very important if you want to improve your model, increase its user adoption and measure the applications’ ROI.

Give your users transparency

Pulse is not just for administrators and developers.

Lots of our clients reduced their number of support calls by 50% by exposing the Pulse Live Monitor to all its TM1 users.

Get to know your users

Pulse keeps track of user sessions. You know who is using your TM1 application, when are they using it, what are they consuming and lots of other statistics like number of sessions, session times.

Identify users who require training

TM1 users can build their own reports which may or may not be designed as well as they could be. Pulse tracks all TM1 Excel workbooks and can help you to identify which users require TM1 training.

Improve testing practices

Using Pulse User Analytics, you can determine that your testing has been carried out by each user as outlined in test plans.

Improve development quality

You have the best TM1 developers in your team – with the best tool they can get even better. Pulse helps your company to continuously improve your development process.

Knowing all possible impacts before making a change

With Pulse’s documentation features, always keep an overview of even the most complex TM1 models including all dependencies.

Total transparency about what changed

Every time an object is changed by either a user or system process, it is tracked and logged by Pulse. There is no need to keep lists of what has been changed in your development environments and in production. Pulse provides the needed governance and transparency.

Speed-up migration process

Pulse Enterprise Migration brings governance, transparency and ease of use allowing you to focus on developing a better system for your users.

Guarantee best-practices

Pulse for TM1 enables small and large TM1 development teams to verify that your standards are being followed through Validation reports.

Quickly rollback changes

Pulse for TM1 enables small and large TM1 development teams to verify that your standards are being followed through Validation reports.